Sweetwater – Peaches and Diesel Moonbeam
First Impressions

I love Sweetwater packaging, it gives all the information that a budtender or consumer might need, with bright and colorful graphics. I like that the phenotype is easily identified, and that it lets you know that this infused pre-roll is strain specific throughout. Also, a glass tube, yes please. It begs to be reused over and over again.


Sweet and grassy. Just the smell of the joint lifts your senses a bit. The look of the joint is pure eye porn. A perfectly rolled joint, perfectly coated in a thick layer of kief, hiding the solid base of oil underneath. I like that the kief has bits of actual flower in it too, makes me feel like this is gonna be a heavy hitter.


Smoked this after a first date with someone. The taste of the joint was that of sweet candied peaches with a gassy exhale. The high comes on after a few minutes, with your eyes seeing things that you didn’t see before, like how cute your date’s goofy smile is. It was the perfect fuel to keep us going on our bar-hopping adventures. After about thirty minutes we were cracking up with my friend at his bar, my mind in a happy floaty world, my body relaxed but not so much that I need to lay down.


Sweetwater proves time and time again to be top dawgs in this industry. This has quickly become one of my top three infused pre-rolls. This strain in particular is also Ike's OK verified so you know there're no unnecessary pesticides being used on the flower. And for only $12 for a STRAIN SPECIFIC infused preroll, you’d be a FOOL to not pick up one in every strain. I’ve had the ATF and the Primus, too, and let me tell you, they do not disappoint. You’ll be a hit at parties if you bring one or two of these along with.